Prom 2017 (B&W)

I shot my first prom session this month, and given the circumstances, I was actually fairly pleased with the results! I sipped on a nice, cool drink at one of my favorite places downtown as I waited for my brother, his date, and the other couple they were with to finish their dinner. Due to some unforeseen delays, we ended up rushing out of the restaurant with less than half an hour to take photos before they had to make their way to the ballroom up the street. Half an hour without the slightest idea of where I could take them for these photos. Luckily, we were within walking distance of the adorable coffee shop two blocks down. On top of that, when we arrived, the coffee shop's alleyway (turned patio) was almost completely vacant, and the lighting was near perfection. There were several aspects of this shoot that were just shy of what I hoped for, but when does life ever unfold entirely according to plan? This is my hope for what I create: imperfections that I willingly accept as a part of my growing process, and as an extension of who I and those I encounter will always be--imperfect.