Scotland: V (Linlithgow)


Some of you may be curious as to why my last few posts have been so spread out from each other. As I was posting my photos and written entries back-to-back, I realized that I was beginning to feel as if I was forcing all of these reminiscing moments into this narrow time frame. As each day passes by, there are memories from my Study-Abroad trip that I fear will slip away. I hate that feeling. I want to hold onto every moment I can and continue to look back on those two weeks as two of the best weeks of my life. So, all that to say, I've decided to spread out my posts a little bit more in order to have these reminiscent moments where I just sit down and look fondly back at my time abroad.

Ah, Linlithgow. By far my favorite location from the entire trip. Don't let the sizes of these photos fool you; Linlithgow is magnificent. As we made our way up to the palace, I could already hear the stories whispering over each other across the grounds.

Our professors hosted our daily lesson on the lawn as we ate lunch, and it was so surreal to hear the history of the very structure I leaned against.

IMG_5752 2.jpg